Saturday, January 21, 2012


The start of a new year and we are going to have the best one yet! I am not going to say It cannot get any worse because I know it can but I am so hoping for a lot less hospital visits.

In March we will be going on a Mexican Riviera Cruise with Chris's parents and his sibling and their spouses. I am excited, it should be fun. I just am not looking forward to getting this fat body into a swim suit, especially around his thin sister and sister-in-law. Ugh!

Trying to catch up...

Okay since my last post my children came home from Utah to live with us. It was the weekend of Halloween. So that weekend we had to go get costumes. There was hardly anything left, we spent hours and finally came up with stuff. I am just glad Teague is so easy going about those things. He was just like sure, whatever. Tate and Sayla however, needed it just perfect.
I know the kids had mixed feelings about coming back. They had made some wonderful new friends, and enjoying Utah and the time they were spending with their Father.
It was just in their best intrest to come home. I am grateful to Sonny for realizing that and being unselfish and letting them come home. I know their friends here were so excited to have them back.

In November Teague and his Utah football team went to Mesquite NV for a football tournament. He had lots of fun. They won the first game and then lost the second.

Thanksgiving was spent with both families. Chris was feeling so sick and was actually bleeding so we ended up in the emergency room. It was extremely frustrating for lots of reasons. They were just taking their sweet time trying to get the bleeding to stop. It was 4 days until they got it stopped. He had 8 blood transfusions. He was poked around 30 times. So he was in their for 10 days. Sayla's baptism was schedule for December 3 and we were not sure if Chris would be able to baptize her. He was bound and determined to do it. He came home on Friday December 2. During that week I had Sayla try on her baptism dress and It didn't fit. I bought it back at Easter when they were on sale. At the time I bought it, I kept thinking to myself go with a bigger size and I didn't and then I was regretting it. Do you know how hard it is to find a White Dress in December??? At least an affordable one. Well after lots of looking, our last and only option left was to go to Elegance in White. Of course they had lots of beautiful dresses and Sayla was beautiful in all of them. She felt like a princesses. She had a hard time deciding which one. We picked one out and I was choking on the price, but how do you say no to a little girl for her special day. Good thing grandma was around and could hem the dress for us. It was a little long.

December 3, Saturday morning we all got up to get ready for Sayla's baptism. Chris was way sick and not even able to go to the baptism. I was having a hard time with it. I just kept crying. I wanted him to be there so bad and I know he wanted to also. We had a wonderful turn out. There was lots of family and friends to support and be their for Sayla. Afterwards we went to our house for Soup and rolls. It had been about 45 minutes and I heard this yell from the back room "Help" I ran back to my room Chris said call 911 he was having Labored breathing, couldn't move and sweating bad. Becca who is a MA came back and was trying to get his legs to unlock and they would not budge. The paramedics showed up and took him away. We tried to keep all the kids downstairs so they would not know what was going on but they found out. Taya started crying and saying "is my dad going to die, I don't want him to go to the hospital" She was having a hard time. She is a Daddy's girl. I came out of the room and everyone was cleaning up for me. I made sure the kids were taken care of, then off the the hospital I went. He was poked another 9 times. They couldn't get an IV started. They even tried in his feet. He said that hurt so bad. His white cell count was around 1600 so they suspected an infection. They were not sure where the infection was. He was not started on anti-biotics, but he was admitted to the hospital. It is so hard when he is in the hospital. I get so exhausted from running to the hospital, home to feed and check on kids, make sure homework and baths get done, go back to the hospital, work and try to keep up the house. Some days I just don't feel like I can do it anymore. I feel this trial is just too much to handle, but every time we pull through it. After a week Chris came home. He was home for 3 days and was right back into the hospital. He was bleeding really bad. This time they got him right in to see where the bleeding was. He had a very large ulcer on some blood vessels. The Dr. said we have to do surgery or Chris is going to bleed to death. That is not something you want to hear from a Dr. So they went in and cut out the Ulcer part it was about 3 inches of his intestine. He had 21 staples. The Dr. when they cut that part out it had the clip in their from when they had tried to stop the bleeding before. It was diseased and they couldn't find any other areas of the disease. So hopeful this will help for awhile and there will not be any more episodes. He was in the hospital until Dec 20th.

Christmas was so nice. All of the family was in town. I was so happy to see nieces and nephews. They are so fun. We got very spoiled for Christmas from some ward members and some people from work. It is such a blessing to live in such a good area with people who love and care about you.

Becca moved out shortly after Christmas, the kids were sad to see her go. She went back to Utah where she feels like she belongs. I guess I can understand that.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Time flies....

Time flies whether you are having fun or not.

Wow is all I can say for the last 4 months. Summer consisted of movies, Drive Inn's, Milk Shakes, Snow cones, Swimming, lots of playing with friends and cousins, Bar-B-Que's, Boon Docks, Scout day camps, Water parties, Chukars games, lots of sleep overs and I am sure more.

We cannot forget more hospital visits for my husband. This last time he went in September they gave him a botox shot into his Pyloric (spelling?) valve and he has felt so much better, thank goodness. He has been doing things around the house. Has been out to football games and out with the kids. It is great to have this change. Instead of him just lying in bed, sick.

In June my children asked if they could try living a year with their dad. It was a very difficult decision, and I had lots of tears, but I went ahead and told them yes. So I only have 3 children in my household right now. They seem to be doing pretty good except for my Tate. He really wants to come home. He cries when I talk to him on the phone. I miss my kids and things are just not the same without them here. I am hoping I can make it a whole school year without them.

Our neice Chris's sister's daughter was dignosed with cancer. She is only 7 months old. So that has been hard. For awhile there we kept getting bad news and more bad news and quite honestly I did not think she was going to make it. Since then she has been able to come home. She is not out of the woods yet. I know things have changed alot for Stephanie and her family. Stephanie has to give Brynlee her medications and flush her central line. They seem to be taking it all in stride.

We had a nephew born into the family. Brandon and Ashley welcomed their new baby boy. Walker Wendell McBride. He was born 9 lbs 14 oz and he was three weeks early. Big boy!! But oh so cute. There was a little scare during the delivery but all is well and we are so grateful. You see Walker's older brothers so proud.

This fall has brought us lots of fresh fruits and veggies to our home. Lots of wonderful neighbors have shared with us from their gardens. Fresh corn on the cob, Squash, apricots, cucumbers, tomatoes, red potatoes, etc. Yum Yum. So grateful for wonderful neighbors. Not only do they share with us in their harvest. They have mowed our lawn several times, fixed kids bikes, helped with kids, helped with our electricity. I am sure much more. Always coming to our rescue. I couldn't ask for better neighbors and ward members.

Also with fall comes FOOTBALL! Teague made the A team in Lehi. I have been to a couple of his games. They play so well. Teague just loves football, it is so fun to see his enthusiasm.
Chris took the kids to a high school football game and then of course anytime football is on T.V. Chris is watching it. I know this weekend it was very hard for him to watch General Conference he had to keep flipping to football to see the score.

Towards the end of August we had a friend move in with us. Her name is Becca. She was having some struggles and needed a place to live for awhile, until she can get her life back on track. We are glad to have her. The kids love her and she helps me alot with keeping the house clean and helping kids with homework. We have had lots of laughs with her. The missionaries have been coming every week and there is such a good feeling in our home.

Things really seem to be looking up for our family. Chris has been working really hard with getting his life back on track and we are getting much closer to be able to be sealed in the Temple. Something I have been waiting patiently (hum or not so patiently at times) for. I am very proud for how far he has come. He has had some very difficult and rough years. Love you babe.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May at a glance

May the last month of school. It has been busy.
Sydney had her 4th grade Idaho History program.
Teague had his 5th grade US history program.
Tate had a program/play on what they learned throughout the year.
Taya had a kindergarten graduation.
ISAT'S for Sydney, Tate, and Teague
Teague tied for the highest score in his class for Math and Reading.
In his Math test he tested at a post high school level. I am very proud.
Sayla tested well above in her reading. The high in her class was 53 words per minute read. She read 85 wpm.
Tate also tied for highest score in his class for reading.
Ethan who is in 2nd is reading on a 6th grade level.
Man I have some smarty pants kids.
Chris was in the hospital with pnemonia.
Chris had knee surgery.
Teague had a birthday.
Teague arrow of light ceremony.
Several birthday parties.
Ethan basketball games.
Memorial weekend Island Park with the "Former" family.
Memorial day took the kids to a movie and dinner.
Game night with the family. We had an uneven number cause chris was icing his knee. I told the kids go get Dad and we will do boys against girls. Sayla says "no dad is too smart" I said "are you calling me dumb" Sayla says "No, he is just smarter than you." It is the truth but come on Sayla.
Lots of Tears.
7 missing teeth.
2 cavities filled
21 A's
3 B's
3 5's
9 2's
lots and lots of E's and S's
Tate won me a $10 gift card to Orange Leaf for his essay on Why my mom deserves to be pampered. Sponsered by our orthodontist Dr. Mooso
His essay said this:
She has to take care of 6 kids and a sick husband. She works ful time and does moast of the chors. We have a knoty dog that she mostly takes care of. We are very pour.
So we went out and had frozen yogart together.
Tate also won a $10.00 gift card to Barnes and Noble for his reading minutes.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's not a tumor... (said in an Arnold Swartznagger voice)

Another scary thing happened to us these last few weeks. Chris went into the Dr. and they ran a bunch of panels to try and get some answers for his illnesses and everything going on in is body. Well the Dr. called us and said his body was secreting some fluid that is secreting when you have a brain tumor and he wanted him to go in for an MRI. When I got the news I was very scared Chris and I both cried. He went in for the MRI. When we got the results back it came back negative for a Tumor what a relief. The Dr. did say he was baffled to what is going on and Why his body is doing/not doing what it is suppose to, so we have more Dr.'s to see. I would just like some answers. I would love to have a healthy husband again. We don't always get what we want now do we. Again thankful for the blessing that it was not a tumor. That was a very scary thing.

My grandparents are gone

Within two weeks of each other I lost both my grandma and grandpa McBride.
Grandpa McBride got sick in Jan 2009 and just could not seem to get better after that. He suffered several strokes and infection after infection. On April 18th he passed just 38 minutes shy of his 86 birthday. He died on his and my grandma's 62nd anniversary.
since the funeral was on Easter weekend and it happened to be on Angelia's holiday she would let us take the kids. She is such a beast. I know it was just because it was me and she did it to spite me cause she hates me so bad, for being a mother to her children when she wasn't. So if you cannot tell I was and am upset about that. The funeral was great, lots of tears. It was great to see so many people I had not seen in a long time. At the cemetery, the VFW (veterans of Foreign War) came and played "Taps" and presented the flag to my grandmother. It was a special ceremony. Of course once they started playing the flood gates opened up and everyone was crying. It was raining hard and the wind was blowing but we got through it.
On Sunday May 1st my father text and said Grandma is in a Coma and is not expected to make it through the week. On monday May 2nd around 6:45 she passed peacefully in her sleep.
Her and my grandpa just could not stand to be away from each other. I am glad they are together pain free, and happy again. Walking and dancing like they have not done in a long time. I love them and miss them. I am so grateful for the gospel and the knowledge that I will see them again and that they are whole again. Then again of course since the funeral is this weekend and it is Mother's day weekend so it is Angelia's weekend she will not let us have the kids again. You know there are going to be lots of Mother's day's but only one funeral. She will answer for all this and what she puts her children through, but for now we deal with it and try to go forward with a smile on our face.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ice Princess

Our little Sayla did 4 weeks of Ice skating lessons. The week before the performance they practiced everyday for 1-3 hours. Sayla Chris and I were glad when those long practices were done. I know she is going to miss Ice Skating. They melted the ice after the performance so no more until next year. They did a performance on Saturday the 2nd. It was a Disney theme. She was in the little mermaid a little fish. She did so good, she was so cute. She did not fall and did everything right. She was even helping the other girls get into their spots and helping them with what was next. She of course kept waving to us. She is so cute. Grandma and Grandpa McBride came, with Mackay. Then her Dad and Jordie came from Utah. Great Grandma Mercer came. Then us Me, Chris, Teague, Tate, Sydney and Taya.